Website Design

Website Design

To date, the design of the sites has been segmented into a separate direction, called web design. Modern WEB-design includes various components, such as — information architecture, design of user interaction (UX) and knowledge of the basics of human psychology. Also, you need technical skills: knowledge of HTML, CSS, layout principles and the features of the various CMS.
An integrated approach to site design allows you to design sites in such a way that it is as easy as possible to give the user the opportunity to perform the necessary action: to obtain information, make a purchase, etc. Also, this approach to designing, in a consequence, will favorably affect the user’s attitude to the site and as a result — to the presented product, service or information.

What are the advantages of working with me

For me, the process of creating a website is a passion and passion in which I completely immerse myself, and of course business, thanks to which, I have the opportunity to develop, and therefore do my job better and better. The wide experience of design development allows me to make high-quality sites at an affordable price, which best match the goal, and accumulated over the years of work contacts with subcontractors, with the best representatives of their specialties — coder, programmers, SEO-optimizers, copywriters, Is required by the industry.

Turning to me — you are guaranteed to get the best combination in the price-quality category, whether it’s website development, logo creation, application design under Android or other OS, advertising design, etc. I will apply all the knowledge and experience to achieve the goal that the product must fulfill for its customers.

The cost of developing a design

The cost of developing a project design is individual and depends on the specific task and the time spent. The scope of work is estimated based on the completed technical design assignment (TOR), which is an integral part of the contract. The cost of services can be tied to payment by hours or by the amount of work.

To order a design, a site «on a turn-key basis» you can address any convenient method in section «contacts» or ask a question, using the form of a feedback.

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