Creating a landing page

Recently, the direction to create one-page sites — landing page, which is usually confined to the sale of a product or service via the search and / or contextual network of search giant networks, such as Google or Yandex, has started to gain momentum. Landings, as a rule, have a better conversion rate (% of visitors who have performed any targeted action) than an online store or a site selling the same product or service. This is due to a more thorough study of the selling page, the use of various technologies to «capture» the visitor.

Stages of development of the landing page


After the placement of the application, a comprehensive study of the business subjects takes place, discussion of a variety of questions on the main objectives of the project, identification of the needs of your clients, drawing up a plan for the forthcoming work.

Development of a prototype (prototype)

Developing a landing page layout is a painstaking and complex process that requires the ability to correctly position and draw information blocks, contact forms, etc. It is important to follow the rules of placement, priority and frequency of repetition of information blocks.

Nesting and programming

At this stage, the layout is made (translated into html format) and the programming of information and target blocks, followed by setting up and hosting the hosting, setting up a domain (or subdomain name). Configures the analyst from Google or Yandex metric.

The result

As a result, you get a quality tool to sell your service or product, your business goes to a completely different level, new customers are emerging.

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