Business Card Design

The design of a business card (business cards) is developed in accordance with the corporate identity and / or logo. In the absence of such — for the designer opens a wide field of choice of colors and styles of execution.

However, the main rule when creating a business card design is the presence of a sense of color and style. It is painful to look at some samples of business cards created on a free designer by people loosely related to design activities. But you are thus presenting yourself or your business to other people, business partners. Therefore, in order not to look in a «bad light» before our partners it is desirable to order business cards from professionals, the benefit, the cost of such a service is low enough to save on it. Business cards can have both horizontal orientation, and vertical. Have different types of finishes: foil stamping, figured die cutting, thermal lifting, laser cutting, etc.

By type, business cards can be divided:

  • Personal
  • Corporate
  • Business

Personal or family business cards do not have strict enforcement rules. They are used in informal communication, personal acquaintance. Basically contain the name and contact details. They may contain a middle name and a surname, but they may not include it. Data on the profession and place of work usually do not.

Corporate business cards do not use names and surnames, but contain information about the company, with all the necessary contacts. Usually performed in a low-key style, in the colors of the logo, or with the addition of colors combined with it. They are mainly of an advertising nature and are used for distribution to customers.

Business cards are used in business, in negotiations, etc. Must include the name, patronymic, surname, position and contact details, including the address. Performed in the corporate style of the enterprise.

Requirements for business cards mock-ups

Business cards have standard sizes — 50mm * 90mm, but it should be remembered that when creating a layout, it is necessary to take into account the edged format of the printing house. Usually a 2 mm margin is made on each side. Also, it should be clarified in the printing house the possibility of making the edges round off. After creating a business card in a graphics editor, you should save the layout in the standard TIFF, for printing in the printing house.
The cost of a business card design starts at $ 20. To order a business card layout, please use any convenient way for you in the «contacts» section.

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