Development of corporate identity

Development of corporate identity

In today’s world, with fierce competition, isolating oneself among the same types of goods or services is quite a challenge. In the development of visual solutions for the company’s corporate style, designers, with the help of certain graphic forms united by one idea, create a recognizable image in the eyes of potential consumers and business partners.
The general style and symbolism should correspond to the profile of the company, its products or services, harmoniously combined in color solutions, be individual and memorable.

Development of corporate identity includes:

The main task in the development of corporate identity is to distinguish the company from the general «advertising noise», the creation of its individuality. Which is achieved with the use of original solutions, graphic forms, well-chosen colors, fonts, creating the company’s slogan.

Based on my experience and knowledge, I will help create a style or correct the existing (rebranding) of your company, make it more recognizable in the market.

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Development of logos

Development of logos

The logo is the «cornerstone» in the development of the corporate identity, from which the acquaintance with your consumer company begins, and subsequently, with what it is associated with it. Usually, the first thing the client sees is your logo, so you can definitely call it the face of the company. It is extremely important that he was memorable, spoke directly about the company’s activities, but at the same time was not intrusive, annoying.

Creating a logo process is not only creative, but also technically complex enough, the logo often consists of a graphic element that can be very complex in execution, can include the development of a company character, must necessarily be executed in vector format. And all this must be reflected in a condensed form that reflects the essence of the company’s activities, its spirit, and at the same time create a simple and harmonious logo. Often it is necessary to develop a typographic variant of the font, in which the name of the company is written.

Order a logo

Experience, creativity, ability to approach the creation of a logo in a complex way allows me to create works that form the basis of the corporate style of the company, reflect its essence, help consumers to recognize the brand.
The abundance of monotonous graphic elements in logotype designs creates difficulties with positioning in highly competitive areas, it is problematic to register a trademark with an incorrectly created logo, so, in order to avoid disappointment, please contact the manufacturing advice to me. I will help create a unique logo that reflects your future brand.

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Production of web banners


Production of web banners

The creation of banners for websites allows you to more clearly tell the user about a product or service. The use of banners makes it easier to convey information about a product or service to a user.

There are two types of banners:

  • Static
  • Dynamic (animated)

Static banners are used on their sites, as well as on partner sites, where animation is not appropriate.
Animated GIF banner is the most common type of banner for today, consists of sequential playback of frames. It has advantages in the form of better indexing by search engines, they can often be found in search of pictures, it is disclosed on all types of browsers. Of the disadvantages is the limited use of animation and a significant increase in weight with a thorough drawing of the motion (consisting of many frames), which in turn affects the loading of the page.

Animated Flash banner allows you to more widely use animation when creating advertising banners and has much less weight when loading the page. Among the disadvantages is the format of the banner, which is not supported by some browsers without installing an additional plug-in.

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Formats of banners:



















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